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Welcome to the Reading Alliance! You are the key to education and personal development. Join our team now and help children and teens improve their reading skills. Together, we're advancing the reading movement. Become a reading mentor and get involved in promoting reading in Germany. Join our team and become part of the movement.

Raphael Hoflehner

Managing Director | Sales & Corporate Communication

Raphael Hoflehner has a successful career in sales and key account management at a renowned German educational media company. He has continuously expanded his specialist knowledge and skills in this sector over the years. In addition to his role as Key Account Manager, he has also worked successfully in sales management. At LeseAllianz, Raphael is responsible for sales, communication and partner management. He is passionate about promoting reading skills, as he firmly believes that this is the cornerstone of a successful educational career. With dedication and expertise, Raphael works closely with customers and partners to develop innovative solutions and make educational opportunities accessible to all. He is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, has the opportunity to improve their reading skills and further their personal development.

Rebecca Klett

Head of Marketing (Honorary)

Rebecca Klett is a trained media designer, content creator and social media manager. She has continuously developed her skills in various areas of the media world - from agencies to internet TV channels to marketing in the demanding financial sector.
Rebecca is currently completing a dual study program in Marketing Management, which she expects to complete in 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts.
Even during her school years, Rebecca tutored and helped students to reach their full potential. Even during the pandemic, she looked after three children while homeschooling.
Rebecca Klett currently holds the position of Head of Marketing at LeseAllianz. In her area of activity, she brings her extensive expertise in the media industry to bear in order to support LeseAllianz in the best possible way and spread its messages effectively. She is delighted to be able to make a contribution to the well-being of children through her voluntary work.

Denis Demir

Managing Director | Finance & Operations

Denis Demir is the Managing Director of Leseallianz and is responsible for the company's operations and finances. He orchestrates the interactions between young readers and their mentors and ensures the seamless coordination of operational processes. He pays particular attention to technical aspects in order to create an optimal working environment. His passion and commitment are based on the profound conviction that it is our social obligation to support the younger generation. For Denis, reading is the key to education, personal development and success in life. Through his work at the Reading Alliance, he enables young people to realize their full potential and build a better future for themselves. design.

Lisa Westphal

Coordination (volunteer work)

Lisa works full-time in the field of data analytics and supports LeseAllianz as a volunteer coordinator.

For Lisa, reading is something wonderful - an opportunity to learn an infinite amount, to understand and to immerse herself in other worlds. She would like to pass on this enthusiasm - both to the reading mentors and to the children.

Caroline Schröder

Marketing manager (honorary position)

Caroline Schröder has already gained a wide range of professional experience, from working in retail to customer service in the B2B sector. As part of her dual study program in Marketing Management (expected completion 09/2024), she has acquired in-depth knowledge in the areas of content creation, copywriting, survey research, data analysis and interpretation as well as social media.

Reading is not only an essential part of her everyday professional life, but also a great personal hobby. Through her environment, Caro has long been able to observe how essential reading is for children and how important it is to promote reading skills. 

Caro is delighted to be able to make a contribution to the well-being of children through her voluntary work and to pass on her passion for reading to children.