Reading makes school: Together for a reading-strong Future

Systematic reading promotion at LeseAllianz takes place over a period of 45 minutes each week and is established as a ritualized practice. Its main focus is on the use of reading aloud methods to promote all sub-components of reading fluency. In this context, the use of sound reading tandems is the preferred method. This approach offers teachers the opportunity to improve the reading skills of their learners in a targeted manner and at the same time relieves them of some of the responsibility for promoting reading.

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Participation in our program is subject to the following conditions: Cost: €15 per month per child for the user license. This includes our digital LeseAllianz app, reading material and technical support.

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We are convinced that success is a matter of continuity and practice. Therefore, we recommend a program duration of at least one year. The minimum purchase is 6 months.

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We look forward to helping you and your learners improve their reading skills and enrich their reading experience. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your school's participation.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reading among children and youth in conjunction with volunteer reading mentors.

We aim to strengthen the reading skills of children and young people, awaken their enjoyment of reading, and promote their language development. This is intended to promote equality of opportunity and education in Germany.

We work closely with schools, companies, volunteer reading mentors and scientific institutions to get as many children and young people in Germany as possible excited about reading.

If you would like to become a reading mentor, you can find out more about the opportunities and register here on our website. You will find more information about the requirements and the process of reading sponsorships.

Schools and businesses can partner with us to implement joint reading activities and projects. Contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration. We have many good ideas.

We welcome any form of support. In addition to making donations, you can also support LeseAllianz by volunteering as a reading mentor. Committed reading mentors play an important role in promoting reading among children and young people. Find out here on the website about the requirements and the process for becoming part of the LeseAllianz team and making a valuable contribution to reading promotion.

For more information, feel free to browse our website, as here you will find detailed information about the work, partners and contact options.